Euroguard Glass Curtains - Enhance your Spanish Property

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Enjoy Your Place in the Sun... all year round!

Glass Curtains™ are a frameless glazing system to enhance and protect your villa or house all year round. We manufacture, build and supply Glass Curtains™ in the Costa Blanca South area of Spain.

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Strength, Safety, Secure, Guaranteed and Fully Customizable

Our Glass Curtains™ are of the best quality. Our service is quick and generally simple to give you the peace of mind the work is completed by experts. We only use the best available materials governed by European regulations. The Glass Curtains™ system is secured by internal locks rendering the system intruder proof and easy to use, clean and maintain.

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Look at the Benefits of our Glass Curtains™ System:

Fitted by Experts in Costa Blanca

All our glass curtains, windows and conservatories are fitted by Euroguard Experts who ensure each unit is properly measured, designed, fitted and secure. So you have the peace of mind that your home, villa or apartment is safe... and you'll tell your friends what a great job we did!